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The Galitzine-St Petersburg Trust was founded in London in 1992, almost immediately after the death of Prince George Galitzine in March of that year. Started by his widow, Jean and their daughter Katya,the aim of the Trust was to guide the people of St Petersburg through a time when Russia was re-establishing itself after 70 years of Communist rule, the economy was undergoing radical change and there were fundamental shortages of food, medicine and clothing.

Within months of establishing the Trust as a registered charity, small amounts of money were donated to help a children’s orphanage in Gatchina, a children’s hospital in Pavlovsk and a municipal hospital in the Finland Station area.  By 1993, Russia’s economic situation was changing and established international organizations were assisting the health services.
The first The Galitzine-St Petersburg Trust big fund raising event was held in London in October 1993, a concert in the presence of HRH Princess Alexandra, with The St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra performing Rachmaninov’s 2nd Symphony conducted by Yuri Temirkanov at the Barbican in London.  Thanks to the support of many loyal patrons a substantial sum was raised.  It was decided to put this towards one specific project in St Petersburg, to honour the memory of Prince George Galitzine and his work in Russia, in making cultural links between the Soviet Union and Britain.
By 1994, the situation in St Petersburg was much improved, but what seemed to be missing was a place for people to investigate their lost past, a place which filled the gap left by years behind the ‘iron curtain’.  The idea came about to set up a library containing books about Russia that had been published abroad during the communist years.  Prince George, himself, had not only written a beautiful book about Russia, shortly before he died, “Imperial Splendour” (published by Viking), but was a great collector of books on Russian history.
It was thought appropriate to place the Library in a building with a connection to Prince George’s family.  Coincidentally the British Council had just founded their new premises in Prince George’s mother’s family house on the Fontanka, which already housed the State Mayakovsky Library – the largest lending library of foreign literature in the city.  Jean and Katya approached Zoya V. Chalova, the Director of the Mayakovsky Library with their idea, who almost immediately recognised the potential of the project and offered them the rather dilapidated former winter garden on the first floor of the Carlow's House.  In May 1994, Katya set about finding an architect in St Petersburg to realise their vision.  Eventually Dmitri Butyrin, who was also the architect overseeing renovation to the Oranienbaum palace at the time, was chosen.  His original watercolour sketch can be seen in the Library today. Katya was insistent on using only Russian workmen and Russian materials, builders from the Head Restoration office fulfilled the work. It took 6 months and only the chandeliers and lights were brought over from England.
Now the light and airy room is home to over 3,000 volumes on the ‘Rossica’ theme and has become a cultural centre with over 4,000 visitors a year; hosting events such as lectures, book presentations, concerts, exhibitions and seminars all adding to the life of the Memorial Library.  Funding is still organised from London, and The Galitzine-St Petersburg Trust organises an exclusive annual event to raise the necessary funds.
In 1999, the Trust set up an endowment fund, hoping to raise enough money from which the Library can then finance itself for the foreseeable future.  Now 10 years on from its beginnings as a small, personal charity, the Trust has almost reached its goal.
Many kind individuals have given donations, some large, some small, but all very much appreciated by the Trust. We are very  near to creating a permanent security for the Library, and hope to find more generous sponsors for this rewarding and worthwhile project.
The St. Petersburg Library Society has twice awarded the directors of The Galitzine-St Petersburg Trust with the diplomas of the Ekaterina Dashkova Prize laureates for the creation and support of the Galitzine Library.
If you are interested in finding out more about The Galitzine-St Petersburg Trust, please write to:
Princess George Galitzine
The Royal Bank of Scotland
London Belgravia Branch
24 Grosvenor Place
London SW1X 7HN
46 Fontanka Embankment
St Petersburg
191025, Russia
If you would like to make a donation to The Galitzine-St Petersburg Trust:
Registered Charity Number: 1015036
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Account Number: 11872042
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